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Free messaging and scheduling for teams

Swap shifts, view schedules, and message coworkers.

Invite your manager to receive $10

Here's how it works:

Invite them in the app using the invite coworker "+" icon

They sign up using the link you send and join your location

We send you a $10 gift card via email


Get shifts filled instantly.

Used at thousands of locations, including:

Notify coworkers instantly if you need someone to cover.

Snap a picture of your schedule, and all your shifts are automatically added to your calendar.

Paper schedules turn into digital calendars

Branch is used by teams across industries

Teams of all sizes rely on Branch daily





Facilities Management


Gym & Fitness

Call Centers

Managers have access to approve or reject any scheduling changes

Managers approve shift or time off changes

Message without texts or email

Reach your coworkers at anytime without exchanging phone numbers